شرکت صنعتی و معدنی

اپال پارسیان سنگان

Rail and road transportation


Rail transportation: 

Apal Parsian Sangan rail transport unit started working in February 2016. The rail transport sector has a special place in the transport sector for the establishment and sustainable development due to various reasons such as the ability to carry large amounts of cargo and passengers, low energy consumption, environmental protection, low wear and tear in fleets, etc.
The dedicated station of Sangan Iron and Steel complex was built between 1387 and 1391. On 07/10/1997, loading has officially started and it has a capacity of 8 million tons per year. And about 5 million tons of this capacity is at the disposal of Opal Parsian Sangan Complex.
After the completion of the railway loading house project of Opal Parsian complex in Sangan on 11/15/2016, the first mechanized rail loading of pellets in the region with the least environmental pollution was carried out in the area of the railway station of Sangan iron and steel complex and was carried out by train to the steel company. It was transported to Khorasan.
A complete train ram that has a capacity of about 3500 tons, which can reduce the occurrence of road accidents as a truck assistant. Also, with the highest loading speed, a 100-ton wagon is loaded every 5 minutes on average, and the least environmental pollution in terms of dust emission during loading. In terms of the pollution of fossil fuels during transportation and by preserving the national capital, which is the saving of subsidized fuel consumption, reducing the cost of production in the preparation of the final product and helping the purchasing power of domestic and foreign consumers will also be accompanied by the prosperity of the country's economy. It will be.
This unit has been able to send about 75,000 freight wagons with an approximate tonnage of 5.5 million tons to different parts of the country until February 1401.


Road transportation:

In line with the weighing and transportation of Opal Parsian Sangan company products, this unit works at night One day from the end of 2014 and the beginning of Opal Parsian complex, it started to weigh and transport the concentrate, which continued with the annual production of pellets in the amount of 5 million tons and according to the annual production of 2.6 million tons of the concentrate factory. , the pellet production line needs more concentrate, and this deficiency is realized, weighed and stored by concentrate and iron ore purchased from different sources in the country.

For this purpose, from the beginning of the scale operation, in addition to concentrate output, pellet output, concentrate input ( It is unloaded, stored and moved.

Truck loading includes three lines, which can load up to 20 thousand tons in It has day and night. Its scales are also from Pars Moazin brand.
Also, in situations where the output from Opal Parsian Company needs a higher speed, loading is done by a loader, which can be used with all kinds of container trucks, sidecars, and flatbed (jumbo bags).

This unit, due to the wide range of activity in the input, output and transfers from several scales and The subsections are formed as follows:
1. The internal scale of the site located in the north of the concentrate factory to move concentrate between depots and warehouses, tailings outlet
2. Scales on the eastern side of the site - concentrate and iron ore entering the site
3. Scale crusher (400 tons) - located in the government complex for weighing dump trucks and queues.
4. Pellet loading by truck loading
5. Statistics section - registration of input and output statistics reports